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Since I first started thinking about becoming a doula and sharing that dream with others, I've had to explain the concept of a doula many times to multiple people. I'm sure in my early doula days, my tendency to be an "advocate" did one of three things to my conversation partner - vaguely intriuged them, mildly annoyed them, or turned them off from the concept of doula support entirely. I was one of those doulas.

In the five years since I attended my first birth, I'm proud to say my attitude has undergone a major adjustment. I now know that my clients are the main players in a birth, not myself. I value the decisions and choices they make as expressions of their deeply held values. I respect my clients' abilities to explore options and ask for resources where they can find more information if they desire it. I honor every birth as it occurs, and for what it is, and doing more listening to my clients as they share their birth story, rather than insert drama or trauma where none belongs.

What kind of doula am I, anyway?

I'm a doula for clients who seek, have, choose, end up with:

...hospital births.

...out of hospital births.

...birth center births.

...vaginal births.

...cesarean births.

...unmedicated births.

...medicated births.

I am the doula for:


...single moms.

...LGBTQ families.

...religious families.

...athiest, agnostic, or otherwise families.

...breastfeeding moms.

...bottle feeding moms.

If you would like to talk about how you can benefit from non-judgmental, comprehensive doula support as you journey through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, contact me today and let's set up a free consultation.

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