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Kate says:

I am proud to say that my son was Maresi’s first “doula baby”! I met Maresi through a mutual friend midway through my pregnancy. At that point my husband and I weren’t sure what kind of birth experience we wanted. Maresi and I talked a lot about what my options were. She really supported me through the decision making process. She shared her birth experiences with me and really wanted to make sure I felt in control of my own birth experience. I never felt that she was pushing me in one direction or another, she just wanted me to be happy with my decision.

My husband and I decided on a midwife-assisted homebirth and I am so glad we decided to use a doula. Maresi was at my house before the midwife came the night I went into labor. She helped me find comfortable positions during contractions and encouraged me to use my voice efficiently. Labor is an extremely emotional and physical experience for the husband too, and mine was so relieved to have an extra support person there with us. She helped me stay focused when things got really intense and was very reassuring when I needed the extra encouragement. I’m not sure what I would have done without the extra pair of hands that night- Maresi massaged my back during painful contractions and had cold washcloths ready for my neck and forehead right when I needed it – thank goodness!

It was great having someone to talk to about breastfeeding during those first frustrating and sleepless days. Maresi came to visit us 2 days later and brought amazing chicken enchiladas. Talk about above-and-beyond! I have gained a friend for life and will absolutely ask her to be at my next birth.

Latrisha says:

Maresi was such an instrumental part of what has been the most important day of our lives. She provided me the ease of mind and assisted in my ability to summon the strength to bring our beautiful baby boy into this world. I couldn’t imagine having gone through this whole process without her. I appreciated her knowledge and expertise and I learned more about the birthing process from her than any doctor or nurse I had encountered. She was able to help us in making the most informed decisions we possibly could. She is truly a treasure and amazing at what she does!

Caitlin says:

I was very blessed to have Maresi as my doula for the birth of my second child!  Even though I didn't ask for a lot from her, Maresi's calm and reassuring presence meant the world to me as I experienced my most painful labor.  She offered some helpful suggestions and made me feel relaxed, especially towards the end of my labor, when it got the most difficult.  At one point I lost control of my breathing through contractions, and Maresi reached over to comfort me, explained that I had simply lost control, and encouraged me to try again on the next contraction.  It was such a help and comfort to me for her to explain that in simple words--which do not always come easily to the laboring woman! I also greatly appreciated the photographs Maresi took right after my daughter was born.  They turned out beautifully!  I am so thankful for all of her support--before, during, and after labor.  Maresi truly cares for each one of her clients and their families. 

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Baby Boy


Sara says:

Maresi was such a huge help during the birth of our son! She was very supportive and helped my husband assist during the birth.

Baby Boy
Crystal says:

Maresi was my doula from 36 weeks of pregnancy to the labor and birth of my son at 41 weeks. She offered thorough knowledge and support on natural birthing techniques and stuck by us through a very long and complicated labor. Labor started on Saturday morning Aug 31st and the first 30 hours was spent at the Breath of Life birth center with no drugs, using breathing, movement and water for pain relief. Due to exhaustion and a lack of progress we transfered to the Baby Place in Downtown St. Pete on Sunday evening Sept 1st, where it was discovered I had an anatomical issue which was physically preventing the vaginal delivery of my son. After an additional 9 hours of laboring with pitocin and a failed epidural, I had to have a csection. This was pretty much my worst fear, bt Maresi helped me to ask the right questions so that I felt informed and was in the operating room with us so that between she and my husband, someone could stay with me and someone could stay with the baby until we were all united. Maresi was very adaptable and great at sensing when to hang back and leave just me and my husband, and when to be a more active supporter. It was a very long weekend for all of us but despite lack of sleep and lots of uncertainty she was beside us for the whole process and was an invaluable support.


Baby Boy


Michael says:
I cannot say enough good things about Maresi. I was initially skeptical whether we needed a doula. After having her in the delivery room for both of our girls I can't imagine her not being there! She is a true professional and absolutely loves helping families through the most amazing experience in life. Thank you, Maresi!

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